Monday, June 26, 2006

i'm soooo happy over the weekend.
uber uber happy,
& i finally got to see my baby after 2 weeks of longing &waiting!
i miss him soooo much
we were like, hugging &kissing each other so much.

darling was so sweet, i had this terrible tummyache
&he was hugging me and telling me
"don't worry go rest, i will still be here when you wake up"

went shopping with darling on saturday
  • bought a guess wallet
  • golden-black belt
  • necklace
  • a golden trimmings cardigan
  • green-white dress

darling bought me the belt &the necklace.
love you love you love you!
we went to eat xiao long bao! uber yummy!

at this restaurant,

Yeaps, mr rafe.
we both are racist, no denying :)


my birthday's o9 days away!

Friday, June 23, 2006

  • o9 hours to seeing my baby!
  • o9 hours to hugging my baby!
  • o9 hours to kissing my baby!
  • o9 hours to love my baby!

i'm going friggin' nuts.

kiss - because i'm a girl.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

went to Pet's Movers today with vicson
&victor auntie lorraine &her kids.
a dog farm at pasir ris farmway o2
the puppies were uber cuteeeeeee !

anyone get me a puppy for my birthday?

omgggggg ! the dalmations was uber cute

three of them facing the same direction! how cuteeeeee!
we were eating ice cream when
lil' janice starts growing a chocolate moustache
isn't she so cute?

my darling taking a bath @ the dog farm, my love love!
after that we went back to vicson & victor's house for lunch


then i was lying on vic's bed playing with the dog
her fur is like.. EVERYWHERE!
makes my nose so itchy, AHHH-CHOOO!
i was almost rotting at their place
lying all over the couches
clicking the romote control over &over
animal planet; sports channel ; mtv ; animal planet;
sports channel; mtv...
i was like.. decomposing le luhh

oh my tian! 21 more hours to seeing my baby!
13 more days to sweet sixteen!
i'm friggin' excited.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

bumped into Yining &her friends @ compass ytd.
uber cute bunch of girls ((:
then went for facial
&met up with jx for dinner & movie
we watched Silent Hill, it's soooo gory.
i was hiding behind my bag &sms-ing half the tim
okay, it's isn't that scary but i'm just so timid

counting down, TWO MORE DAYS ! ((:

i was watching the southpark movie.
lols. it was uber funny "lalala.. bunch of uncle-fcukers ~"
hahas i'm dying from all the laughing


ps: my birthday's 14 days away! remember, my presents! LOLS

Monday, June 19, 2006

sonwent shopping the other day with ricky

in my shopping bag at the end of the day:

- a babydoll dress, i bet he'll love it !
- lace vintage belt
- uber sweet pouch from Nitty Gritty
- liquid eyeliner

bump into Kristine when i was trying on the babydoll dress ((:
i'm gonna wear that dress on friday!
i'm so excited cos i totally miss him so much. like TOTALLY

i'm pretty worried about him,
he had fever for two days
&went was sent to the sickbay for those glucose drips thingy
superkelian! cos he could do anything at all for two days
just lying in bed sleeping &waiting for time to pass
they dont have tv, blah blah.. not even magazines! how horrible
i'd die if it was me, i can't possibly sleep that much
but, everything's all well already
he got discharged this morning

so, concerned-fans do not worry cos he's all fine already ((:

i can start counting down already,
it's like.. 1..2..3..4.. FOUR more days and i can see him!
i miss him so much mmmmmuacks !

i've been watching so many movies recently!

- Da Vinci code
- The Omen
- The Cars
- Runaway Vacation

The Cars &Runaway Vacation is a must-watch!
R.V is like uber funny luhh,
went to watch it yesterday with victor, vicson
hmm, i realise out of the four movies i listed
03 of them i watched it with leon

soooooooooooooooooooo ...

don't you reckon ?

Friday, June 16, 2006

i'm going shopping!
looking forward to 23th june darling booking out loh ! ((:
i miss him so muccccccccccchhhh.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My birthday's coming in 3 weeks time from today! (:

Saturday, June 10, 2006

i'm so worried.
is he coping well in army?
does he have any friends?
did he wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry?
is he sleeping well?
does his officers treat him well ?

i miss him so much..

Thursday, June 08, 2006

hey plyne, I GOT A LIFE TOO ! LOLS

Btw, we went to watch da vinci code last week
it's so bloody longggggg my bladder was gonna burst by the time the movie ended
darling's going in army tmr,
guess i'm gonna miss him so much
but then, at least i can concentrate on my o's 1st without him (:
ytd went to eat dinner with him and his family at a japanese restaurant
uber yummy !
then darling drove the car home

cos his dad was a teeny bit tipsy from all the sake he drank
it was alot faster than the first time hehe
the day he just got his license and he drove home
i could almost count the amount of people we passed by >_<
then ytd his mom keep asking me in the car,
"nervous mar, nervous mar ?"

lalala, i'm gonna go watch The Omen with jx tonight.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

i just find some bitchy people living in this world,
having too much time to waste.
so they just bitch arnd & make stupid comments nobody cares about.
why not spend more time doing more constructive stuff
rather than only knowing how to make comments like,
" oooo i hate fidelis", " she's so ugly", " she's so fat."
yadda yadda.

oh pleeeaaaseee, i will never get bothered by this kinda people
who have nothing better to do but bitch arnd.
Like some BIRD, they can be there criticizing me on & on.
but people who really DO KNOW ME
(that refers to people who not only knew me as leon's GF),
will never listen to what these crappy people say about me.

& to people who don't even know me,
what rights do they have to comment on?
childish, i say.

BAH. i won't give a shit to these dogs.

cos they're just jealous. he LOVES me (:

Thursday, June 01, 2006

my darling &me went picnic @ upper pierce reservoir yesterday.
its so romantic luhh !
scenery so beautiful &everything.
but it was a terrifying experience for the both or us as well
cos supposingly the gate to allow cars to come
into the car park will be closed on 0730pm
then we were waiting for his dad to come fetch us
cos we couldn't get a cab
we were waiting waiting waiting...
then the car owners started driving off their cars
by 0730pm the last remaining car drove off too,
leaving the both of us in the dark waiting alone
it was getting alittle.. scary luhh
cos, it's like so dark and quiet
we saw this uncle he was exercising still,
Note: it was already very very dark!
cos when his dad arrived, the gate for the cars was already locked up
so we HAD to walk out
but.. how dark it is you guess?
we hardly could see anything,
like only can see roughly the shape of your hands
and there was like the sound of monkeys screeching,
snakes rattling, frogs crocking, crikets etc etc.
so we went to that uncle and asked him if he could accompany us out
cos he had a bicycle &a headlight on it
but even with his headlights on, it was stil sooooo dark
i didnt dark to look up
afraid to see some know ?
lols, then the both of us was like.. walking really quickly
trying to catch up with the speed of that uncle's bike
i was wearing my wedges somemore can !

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